Emanuele Genghini -  CPA

Emanuele Genghini is the tax manager at WERYO, Inc. Emanuele is responsible for overseeing the preparation and review of tax returns, tax planning and state nexus requirements. Among these responsibilities he represents clients with the IRS in pre-audit and audit matters.

Emanuele has extensive experience, across many industries, in preparing tax returns for a variety of entities, including C-Corps., S-Corps., Partnerships, and Individuals. He is also well versed in providing various other accounting services such as payroll, compliance with state and federal regulations, sales tax and financial statement compilations.

Emanuele graduated with an MBA in Accounting from St. John’s University and worked in a public accounting firm for several years as a consultant and accounting & tax professional. Through his specialization in both domestic and international tax matters, he has successfully led clients to cost savings through his compliance and tax planning efforts